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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Superman goes bald for '07

In a startling new years resolution, Superman reportedly has vowed to remain without hair through the year of 2007. Although his reasons for this change in appearance are not clear, he has confirmed that "it will not have any effect on my ability to fly or see through textiles, and that's all that really matters". Asked about the sudden presence of facial hair, he said only "well, I don't want people confusing me with Sinead O'connor".

Wonder Woman, who had "no comment" on the issue, was seen yet again accompanying superman, casting new doubt on her rumored engagement to the green lantern. While the green lantern could not be reached for comment, this new sighting in downtown metropolis adds fuel to the speculation that surfaced when the infamous "superfriends" video was posted on the internet by an unknown source. The invisible man, also reported to be in the risque video circulating the web, has categoricaly denied any connection, saying "Can you see me in the video? No. because I wasn't IN the video. I don't even know those people."

Vidographer and self styled sceptic Michael Moore, the first to call attention to the presence of the Invisible Man in the video, was quoted as saying "No one can tell me that there isn't an invisible man, standing right there.. see it? Yeah, right there where it looks like no one is standing, but there's just enough room. Right there is where he is standing, just watching." Mr Moore is said to be nearing completion of his controversial documentary film "Fahrenheit 912: the invisible menace"


Blogger jennifer said...

I thought I would start the new year celebration by catching up on your blog. You two have made an imprint in my life that will always exist no matter where life takes me and I am so appreciative to know the two of you. I hope your dreams take you everywhere you have ever hoped. Take care and I will be seeing you somewhere down the road...... ;-)

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year to the Smyth family and all readers from

Dee and Hank Smith

10:22 PM  

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