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The chronicles of the schooner Free Spirit and her crew, embarking on an open ended journey upon the great rolling heap. Free Spirit is currently pursuing humanitarian and commercial goals in the Dominican Republic, on the island of Hispaniola. Working under the Ocean Reach USA and Paradigm Research banners, she is serving as logistics headquarters, workshop, and development laboratory for many ongoing projects. This is the log of her journey.....

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Licking (the glass out of) our wounds, Part II

"Welcome to Sacramento!" said the guy in the the chopped low rider Toyota pickup as he drove away with our camera after having broken out our window to get it. (figuratively, if not in fact)

So begins our first day in SAC. Lovely. New window, $75 plus tax ("Welcome to Sacramento!") and a half a day. The camera must have been a disappointment, as it is probably worth less than $30. We were buying a new one anyway, just not yet. A few pictures lost, but not many, and none of significance. The same morning, the ethnically-engineered patch on the water heater gave way. New water heater, $300 plus tax ("Welcome to Sacramento!"). On the bright side, we got it all fixed, and we got to visit Charley and Lena , who graciously lent us the use of their driveway and their yet to be moved into house. Thank You!!!!!! it has been a soul restoring respite.

The boys are great providers!
Here they are, getting dinner again!! We're so proud of them!!!

They never complain, and they try so hard to be frugal with what they have.

As our remaining budget for the month is less than $100, we probably will only be posting cellphone pics for now. If you want to see better pictures, feel free do donate $320 for an Olympus 720SW, which is the camera we will buy when we get the filthy lucre to do so. We promise to take lots of lovely pictures when we get one!

Alternatively, if you were thinking about partaking in the great "buying me lunch" experience of 2006, now is the best time ever!!! Feel free to avail yourself of the paypal donation button at any time, it's open 24 hours a day! Every donation gets its own post honoring the donor and extolling the virtues of the resulting culinary menagerie!! What a bargain!! Also included are shameless plugs for (whatever you want to promote, just tell me in the paypal message, for donations of $25 and up only) , and a (tax detectable as an advertising expense) receipt for such promotional services, if requested!

We have over 20,000 impressions and counting, so you can be sure that the word will get out (at least as good as if you gave a homeless person a sign to wear all day, or something like that) (as a matter of fact, the comparison is strikingly apt!)

At any rate, I'd like to take this moment to thank our family, friends, and supporters everywhere. Sometimes it helps to be able to draw on the knowledge that there are many who wish you well and godspeed. So, thank you!!!

May the day prosper your spirit and mind, gentlereader!


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Data is provided for three bladed propellers of average type
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Fill out the fields as follows:

Vessel LWL (ft) = Waterline length
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SL Ratios of 1.1 - 1.4 are typical of displacement hulls. Semiplaning or planing hulls can go higher.

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Heavy powerboats, workboats 9 - 15 Kts....................26%
Powerboats, Lightweight Cruisers 15 - 30 Kts..............24%
High speed planing boats 30 - 45 Kts......................20%
V bottom race boats 45 - 90 Kts...........................10%


it is possible to get irrational answers by irrational input , I.E specifying excessive speed for hull type and length
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