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The chronicles of the schooner Free Spirit and her crew, embarking on an open ended journey upon the great rolling heap. Free Spirit is currently pursuing humanitarian and commercial goals in the Dominican Republic, on the island of Hispaniola. Working under the Ocean Reach USA and Paradigm Research banners, she is serving as logistics headquarters, workshop, and development laboratory for many ongoing projects. This is the log of her journey.....

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black Point, Exumas, Bahamas

Adderley's Friendly Store..... The Settlement of Black Point has a population of less that 200, and is full of wonderful people. The mail boat arrives here once a week, so when you see it come in to the dock in the harbor, you know that it is time to rush to the store to get the freshest vegetables, fruits, eggs and meat. What you find the most in the smaller places is potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, bananas, plantains, eggs, pork and lamb. They also have a small selection of canned and boxed goods. The prices here are at a minimum, twice as expensive as in the states, except for some of the meat.

Lorraines Cafe is owned by a wonderful woman named Lorraine and ran by her and her family. She also offers Internet for donation only. While in Black Point we began to practice some of the humanitarian efforts we have been so excited about. Tamer and Olivier spent about 12 hours total here fixing their Ice Maker, Big Cooler, and the network for the wireless internet. We received in return some of the best bread we have ever eaten made by Lorraine's mother.

This is the Police Station....

and next door is the jail....

One of the things that is not lacking here in the Bahamas is COLOR! It is everywhere, and makes everything sooo happy :-)

A beautiful, small house.

There is a local gentleman here that has created an entire "Garden Of Eden" out of Driftwood. This picture does not do justice to his artistic talent and diligence.

While we were here, the school had it's annual fundraiser. They were playing music, games, and selling a small selection of food. I was talking with one of the locals, and she said that they raised about twice as much money as they were expecting. All of the funds went directly to the operation of the school, and for materials. It was a fun event to be a part of!


Blogger Gayle said...

What a great little town to begin your non-US adventures with. I can't believe the prices are twice! How do the people survive? What a unique experience to be able to help others for small gifts of appreciation. Can't wait for the next installment.

2:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. It brought back many memories. My wife (Joy) and I lived at Black Point for three years. Our daughter was born in Nassua. We have MANY firneds in that community. Thanks for the pictures!

Steve Mowery aka "Brudda Steve"

3:01 PM  
Blogger Joel said...

Nice to see pictures of home. I lived there as a child and have wonderful memories. I miss my childhood friends and the good food. Hope to drop in sometime in the future with my family. Thanks for the pictures.

Joel Winter aka "Brother Don's boy" & "Conchy Joe"

2:01 AM  

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