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The chronicles of the schooner Free Spirit and her crew, embarking on an open ended journey upon the great rolling heap. Free Spirit is currently pursuing humanitarian and commercial goals in the Dominican Republic, on the island of Hispaniola. Working under the Ocean Reach USA and Paradigm Research banners, she is serving as logistics headquarters, workshop, and development laboratory for many ongoing projects. This is the log of her journey.....

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Turks & Caicos ~ May 2009

P'tit Louis and Ubuntu bringing up the rear of the fleet coming into Provo, Turks & Caicos.

The shoreline near the port of entry...

P'tit Louis off the rear of our dinghy..

Bretton, keeping a constant lookout off the bow, for the many reefs and coral heads that litter the Turks & Caicos Islands.

The HUGE mud swirls left to the aft (rear) of Free Spirit after we got 'just a lil' bit stuck' heading to the Annex to tie up or anchor for our stay here in Provo.

Free Spirit ended up tying off to the concrete walls, so we could have our first SHORE time in a few months. P'tit Louis and Ubuntu ended up anchoring really close to us here in the Annex. The Annex was a Marina construction project that was halted due to permits/financial reasons. We were all able to stay here for free, and then we could take a 15 minute dinghy to Southside Marina for our shore needs.

Here is Olivier, taking a little spin on Tamer's awesome electric powered bicycle!

Simon and his wife at Southside marina, who manage the establishment took great care of us while we were there. Our major provisioning trip was a total of 5 grocery carts between the 3 boats. We had to all load into the back of a small pick up, along with all the provisions! What you need to keep in mind, is that the 5 carts of groceries had to all be labeled correctly so that we could sort it out and deliver it all to the proper dinghy's :-)

Olivier, David and Tamer... All Smiles!

Christina sitting with Kashara from Ubuntu at Southside Marina, probably waiting their turn to get on the internet! Factoid entry... The fabric that is on the cushions of that bench, is the same that I bought in Florida a year ago, to redo the cushions and curtains in Tamer and I's cabin.

Southside Marina, offering great cruiser support, dinghy dock, showers, laundry and internet....

The dinghy dock at Southside Marina; check out the color of that water!

Drake, Christina, Kashara, and Bretton riding in the back of the truck with 'I think' 5 other people...

Oh yeah, here are the 5 others... David, Blayde, Dylan, Valin and Tamer on the other side ;-)

After being in the Bahamas, where EVERYTHING is so expensive... For example, Cheeseburger $12, Loaf of bread $6, Cheese $5/lb, Beer $5 each... We treated the whole crew to a Chinese Restaurant dinner and a movie. Here is Christina "In True Awe" of the screen :-)

Christina, still learning the ropes (literally), with Tamer at the helm leaving the Turks & Caicos and headed for Luperon, Dominican Republic!


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