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The chronicles of the schooner Free Spirit and her crew, embarking on an open ended journey upon the great rolling heap. Free Spirit is currently pursuing humanitarian and commercial goals in the Dominican Republic, on the island of Hispaniola. Working under the Ocean Reach USA and Paradigm Research banners, she is serving as logistics headquarters, workshop, and development laboratory for many ongoing projects. This is the log of her journey.....

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Luperon The Beginning ~ June 2009

The beautiful animals that greeted us as soon as we came of the Government Dock (muelle in Spanish).

The boys playing foos ball at Steve's Place with the son of the owners (Steve & Annie), who's name is Joshua.

The busiest corner in Luperon, Motoconcho (Motorcycle Taxi) corner, as it is informally known as..

Tamer, getting a ton of attention for his incredible bicycle with a motor... Something they have never seen here!

Tamer, Nathalie and Christina overlooking the balcony at what used to be known as Andre's Place, but has since been closed down...

A new take on the 'Chocolate Truck" :-)

A tree growing out of the roof.. Hmmm... A new thing for us!

Splash is the Ice Cream Company here in the Dominican Republic. This truck drives around and sells ice cream sandwiches and Popsicle's. Generally, they power the little freezer with a small generator to provide power.

A beautiful picture of Lori and David off of Ubuntu, crossing Motoconcho corner headed to Andre's.

Nathalie, Christina and Lori enjoying good times and smiles with friends at Andre's.

Olivier and Tamer, in what appears to be a DEEP conversation!

A common sight in Luperon...

Christina leaving on a journey to explore 'the rest of' the Dominican Republic'.

Our favorite pig in her abandoned house cellar, she still lives here a year later with more babies than you can imagine over the course of the last year!

Drake and Valin climbing the rocks at Dog Walker's beach, just outside of opening of the Harbor.

Dylan from Ubuntu, jumping from the little cliffs on the same beach.

Have you ever seen a Motorcycle Driver haul a full sized washing machine? I challenge you to visit the Dominican Republic :-)

The women here, and especially the Haitian women, carry everything on their heads... Amazing if you think about how most of us have someone to carry even our grocery bags to/from the car!

The baseball field here in Luperon.. They take the game VERY seriously and are very good at it! The boys go in and play almost every Saturday with the locals and all the Gringos here in the Harbor.

Blayde and Bretton taking a walk...

This has to be the littlest lizard that I have ever seen! It is crawling up Drake's sleeve while we were eating with Bretton and Christina. We found a nice little roadside food stand that sold a plate of chicken (pollo), and plantains for 50 pesos ($1.40)!

Christina and Bretton hanging out for the weekly Jam Session at Shaggy's Barstool Sailor Bar, here in Luperon.

Raoul, jammin' with the locals!!!

A local veggie truck that travels around the town of Luperon and other close towns selling their farms' vegetables.
Bretton, on his way to another adventure, after his experience on Free Spirit! Thank you Bretton for all your energy, and time with us :-) We still miss ya....

"The Walk Of The Future Awaiting"


Blogger Gayle said...

Laura...I couldn't find your email nor a link to one on the website. Anyhow, I'm sure you've already seen or heard this, but I'm sharing anyhow as I found it very interesting especially since they are from Anchorage. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/07/31/AR2010073103061.html?g=0 I hope you are having safe travels. Looking forward to some updates on where you are and what you are doing. *Gayle*

1:57 PM  

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